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Cozzy Electric is fully licensed with the Electrical Safety Authority
Cozzy Electric is your home automation expert.
We can bring your home in to the future by making it smart, energy efficient and safe.

- Circuit Breaker Replacement
- Panel Upgrades
- Wiring Upgrades
- In Floor Heating
- Smoke/ CO2 Detectors
- LED Strip Lighting
- Custom lighting
- Landscape/ Outdoor/ Security Lighting
From installing receptacles, small renovations, and adding individual fixtures to large additions, new garages or complete new construction homes Cozzy Electric is the company to handle your needs and simplify your project.

Homeowners can trust Cozzy Electric because we are seriously courteous when it comes to entering your home and personal space. We take every precaution to ensure that while we're working and when we leave your premises there is virtually no trace of construction presence. We keep it clean and tidy to keep you smiling!
- Door locks
- Garage door
- Thermostat
- Home theatre system
- Security cameras
- Electrical Inspections
- Troubleshoooting
and much more ...
Some people aren't aware that every appliance and device that is plugged into any receptacle in your home is sucking energy, EVEN WHEN YOU'RE NOT HOME!! (electric toothbrush, toaster, phone chargers, lamps, etc.) Everyone knows that it's not convenient to have to plug in your lamp every time you come home from work. And it's definitely not practical to unplug your refrigerator before leaving the house. BUT if it's not your fridge, freezer or any other super important appliances then a POWER BAR with an ON/OFF switch can be the simple solution to save energy AND save money on your electricity bill! You can even go a step further and purchase an electrical power bar with a built in MEMORY so that you can set it to AUTOMATICALLY turn off during your work hours, and AUTOMATICALLY turn back on at the time you return home daily. This is a great option for the super busy and/or the forgetful people in your life.

Several options are available for different styles of electrical power bars & surge protectors, you're sure to find one that meets your needs. Products available at Canadian Tire, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, etc. Be sure to be SAFE and never over load your receptacles or power bars.

TIP: DO NOT purchase electrical devices (power bar, extension cord, string lights, etc.) from your local DOLLAR STORE! These products are mass produced, with low quality materials and not properly regulated to ensure safety. Many of the electrical devices purchased at dollar stores have been proven to burn, melt and scorch outlets, christmas tree skirts, and even their own wires and prongs and in the worst case scenarios have even caused FIRES!! Steer clear of the cheap dollar store products - if the price seems "too good to be true", IT LIKELY IS!!